6 Wayfinding signs installed for Downtown Seymour

Wayfinding Signs Come to Downtown Seymour!Antiques, Restaurants, and City parks will all be more visible to visitors thanks to the new Wayfinding signs that were installed by the Seymour Department of Public Works.

The signs were a part of the grant that Seymour Main Street received from the Office of Community and Rural Affairs. Grants totaling nearly $10,000 included an OCRA grant was for $5,659.00, Schneck Medical grant for $2,000.00, and the Community Foundation grant was $750.00 was used for benches, bike racks and wayfarer signs.

The 6 Wayfinding signs were completed today and are located at highway 50 and Bush Street, Highway 50 and Kasting, Highway 50 and Chestnut (near Larrison’s diner), Highway 50 and Chestnut (near JCB), and Highway 50 and Community Drive.