Walk Your City Signs Installed in Downtown Seymour

In an effort to promote walking and healthy habits, Seymour Main Street has joined Healthy Jackson County in installing new “walk your city signs”. The 8 signs point to different destinations within the downtown and encourage people to walk to them instead of driving.

“Half of all trips taken in the US are less than three miles, there’s plenty of opportunity for folks to walk or bike (rather than drive) to reach useful destinations nearby. The perception of distance was often greater than the physical distance itself. Clear, simple signage, reminding our neighbors that “it’s not too far” to places they visit every day, is one way to break down that misperception and get more feet on the street.”  - Walkyourcity.org

The first set of 4 signs are being installed today at:

  • Corner of 2nd and Chestnut
  • Robertson Mill lot
  • Corner of Tipton and Chestnut
  • Corner of Indianapolis ave. and 2nd Street

We are planning on doing an additional 4 signs later this Spring but want to see how these work before installing the additional signs.

We want to encourage people to walk and then post a picture on social media using the hashtag #walkseymour. It will be a great way to encourage others and see if the signs are making a difference in pedestrians daily behavior.