Rental Purchase Assistance Program (RPAP)

The City of Seymour and the Seymour Main Street Board of Directors value the role that our downtown plays in making Seymour a unique place to shop, eat and visit. A strong downtown enhances the quality of life for citizens of Seymour and helps to attract visitors. The Seymour Main Street Rental Purchase Assistance program is designed to aid with key business activities (retail/dining/arts/entertainment) that choose to locate within the Main Street area.

Through this program, Seymour Main Street will provide rental or payment assistance for up to 12 months for businesses that are operating in the Main Street boundaries. Additionally, there is also an opportunity for this program to assist existing businesses to expand their gross rentable space. The Rental Purchase Assistance Program would not be included in the $20,000 maximum per applicant. The maximum benefit a qualifying applicant could receive under the RPAP program is 50% of the monthly rent, not to exceed $500.00 per month/ $6,000.00 per 12 month period. Which is a one-time only per qualifying applicant benefit.



Interested applicants are required to submit:

  • A completed application
  • Landlords Proof of Ownership
  • Provide financial information related to the startup and operation of the business including proof of personal funds to be invested in the business
  • Set up a meeting with the Small Business Development Center to develop a business plan prior to acceptance into the program
  • Attend training/workshop opportunities that deal with a variety of topics including merchandise management, marketing, HR, finance, customer service
  • Have established hours and participate in Seymour Main Street events
  • Apply prior to opening or expansion
  • Submit the proposed location along with the lease agreement or purchase agreement.