Building Renovation/Business Build Out Program

The Building Renovation/Business Build Out Program includes the removal of non-historic materials (e.g. siding that covers transom windows, bricked-over window or door openings, paint removal from brick etc). Qualifying applications may receive a matching 1:1 maximum award of $20,000 per 24-month period ($20K Main Street / $20K self-funded) or a matching 2:1 maximum award of $50,000 per 24-month period ($50K Main Street / $100K self-funded). This maximum benefit excludes the Down Payment Assistance, Rental Purchase Assistance Program and the Low Interest Loan Program. The grant funds will be eligible for items that would stay with the building should the tenant move. Grant projects should be completed within 6 months of the date of award. Failure to complete may result in forfeiture of award. In order to qualify for Seymour Main Street grant funds, the Grantee shall continue ownership or business operations for a period of at least 24 months or be subject to penalties.

Not all applicants will qualify.



Eligible Projects:

  • Roof Replacement
  • Masonry and Mortar Joint Repair
  • Fire Suppression Systems
  • Window/Door/Transom, Repair/Replacement
  • Knox Box
  • Painting Interior/Exterior
  • Electrical Upgrades
  • Insulation
  • HVAC Upgrades
  • Framing
  • Drywall
  • Fire Safety
  • ADA upgrades excluding elevators
  • Replacement of architectural details

Applicants should submit the following:

  • A completed online application
  • Invoices/Estimates for scope of work
  • Photos
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Permits (Local/State if required)
  • Copy of filed and approved Certificate of Appropriateness (Issued through City of Seymour Planning & Zoning)
  • Architectural drawings (if any)
  • Historic documentation (if any)
  • Brief description of intended plans

Building Renovation and Business Build Out Program interested applicants are strongly encouraged to:

  • Utilize the Indiana Small Business Development Center to develop a business plan prior to acceptance into the program
  • Provide financial information related to the startup and operation of the business including proof of personal funds to be invested in the business
  • Attend training/workshop opportunities that deal with a variety of topics including merchandise management, marketing, HR, finance, customer service
  • Landlord’s proof of ownership
  • Have established hours and participate in Seymour Main Street events

Program Criteria

Businesses or property owners interested in applying for a grant must meet the following criteria:

  • The business or owner must be located within the boundaries of the Seymour Main Street District. The district boundaries include Pine St. to Broadway St. between 5th St. and Bruce St.
  • The business or owner must fill out a complete application detailing plans for the proposed renovations.
  • The applicant will agree to comply with all local land use laws as well as any local or state laws pertinent to the project.
  • Grant will be awarded to grantees upon completion of the project.
  • Applications must meet one of the eligible project categories to be eligible for consideration.
  • Projects cannot have started prior to a grant award.

All applicants that meet the above criteria will have their applications reviewed by the Seymour Main Street Economic Restructuring Committee. Any projects undertaken before receiving approval from the Committee will not be eligible for a grant.

Review Criteria

Projects including historic buildings in danger of being lost, in part, or in total, to disrepair shall have priority for funding. This may include properties listed on the state and/or national registers of historic places or properties with historical, architectural or cultural significance. In addition, vacant properties where façade improvements would reduce the perception of downtown decay shall also receive high consideration for funding.

Grant ChecklistThe following criteria will be used in reviewing applications:

  • Project will create or expand a business
  • Project will sustain jobs or create new jobs
  • Aesthetic impact of the renovation
  • Degree of the improvement(s) capitalize(s) on building’s architectural assets
  • Degree of historical integrity of renovation plans
  • Other building improvements completed beyond those funded
  • Proposed renovation will stop serious deterioration of the building’s facade

The Seymour Main Street Economic Restructuring Committee will review all applications against these criteria. Funds are being provided by the City of Seymour Redevelopment Commission and are limited. The Committee will carefully examine applications to determine which projects will most contribute to the overall improvement of Downtown buildings. Not all projects that apply may receive funding.

Grant Application Instructions and Review Process

  1. A complete application must include the following:A completed application form including a detailed description of your project
  2. If your project requires, provide architectural plans, design sketches or site plans (illustrating all proposed work on the building).
  3. A project cost estimate
  4. Invoices/Estimates
  5. Photos
  6. Proof of Insurance
  7. Permits (Local/State if required)
  8. Copy of filed and approved Certificate of Appropriateness (Issued through City of Seymour Planning & Zoning) 
The more detailed information and renderings submitted, the better your chances are for a successful review.

Grant Repayment

Main Street’s grant funds must be repaid in an amount and manner described below if any of the following events occurs during the 24-month period immediately following completion of the approved project:
  1. The benefited property is sold or otherwise conveyed by the owner to another individual or entity; or
  2. The business located in the benefited property ceases operation; or
  3. Seymour Main Street becomes aware that the applicant made false or misleading statements in the application which were material in making the grant; or
  4. The applicant becomes insolvent.

Seymour Main Street shall give written notice to the applicant upon determination that one of the forgoing events has occurred, in which case repayment shall be made in 12 equal monthly installments of principal only beginning on the 1st of the month next following the date of the notice and continuing on the 1st day of each month thereafter until repaid in full.

For repayment triggered by reasons set forth in subparagraph C above, the full amount of the grant shall be repaid. If no notice of repayment, as above described, is given to the applicant within the 24-month period after project completion, then the grant shall be deemed forgiven.

Pending forgiveness of the entire grant or, pending full repayment of the grant, the grant shall be secured by a mortgage upon the benefited premises given by the owner in favor of Main Street at the time of grant approval, which shall be subject to foreclosure upon default in making a required payment. A mortgage shall not be required if applicant has only a leasehold interest in the benefited property.

2022 Building Renovation Grant Recipients:

  1. Boulevard Properties LLC
  2. Scott Olsen
  3. FC Tucker
  4. Reed's Place
  5. Gary Thompson State Farm
  6. FC Tucker
  7. Accents
  8. Becky Morris - The Buzz
  9. Hearts Desire

Total $100,305.00

2021 Building Renovation Grant Recipients:

  1. Sandy’s Dry Cleaning
  2. Prestigious Affairs
  3. Smalltown Plaza
  4. Kim Key
  5. Montica Chambers
  6. Creative Concepts

Total $98,376.00 

2020 Building Renovation Grant Recipients:

  1. Bite the Bullet
  2. New Legacy Wealth Management
  3. Schwatzers
  4. Bill Hiday
  5. The Vehslage Building
  6. Grindlay Office Building

Total $119,050.00 

2019 Building Renovation Grant Recipients:

  1. Larrison’s
  2. AES
  3. Vat and Barrel
  4. Anthony Walker
  5. Chocolate Spoon
  6. Hearts Desire
  7. Seymour Decorating
  8. Weldon Thurman

Total $150,553.00