Upper Story Residential Grant Program



The Upper Story Residential Grant Program is designed to encourage upper story residential rental units in Seymour’s Historic Downtown.  Property owners/developers within Seymour Main Street’s designated area in downtown will be eligible to apply for financial assistance to create new upper story living spaces in new or existing buildings.  The grant will be a maximum of $20,000 per qualifying applicant.  For a residential owner-occupied unit, the grant will be a maximum of $10,000 per qualifying applicant.  

To apply for the Upper Story Residential Grant Program, submit the following items:

  • A complete application
  • A current list ofowners/partners or officers/directors who have ownership in the property
  • Copy of property deed
  • Copy of insurance policy
  • A copy of the mortgage and other liens on the property
  • Third party estimates of work tobe done from a qualified contractor
  • Proof of financial ability to complete 100% of the UpperStory Residential Project
  • Rehabilitation plans 
  • Property must not be in code violation with any City/County/State or Federal entity